Who we are

The Restaurant Gli Attortellati was born, almost by chance, in May 1999._

Question: If you had a large family and a small agricultural plot as a source of income, what would you do? A little bit of despair, a bit of real passion, Grace, our mother, tried to transform what she was producing - meats, vegetables, fruit - into dishes to serve at the table, cooking as she would have done for herself. So he created from nothing the Attortellati that is the first and only Rural Restaurantin Toscany.

Grazia has anticipated, for several years and in total unconsciousness, the concept of "zero km" restaurant! Indeed, "at zero meters" !!

From the first day, the menu of each evening was decided by the first person who booked. Grazia proposed a list of seasonal dishes and the customer was free to choose according to their tastes, as if they were at home. All the others adjusted! Success was immediate, and well beyond all expectations. Grazia and Carlo, our father, did not take any shortcuts: they wanted the cultivation regime to remain organic, as it had always been; the cooking should be mainly wood-fired, and all homemade, jams, bread, pasta, sweets; and then the meats, produced with our pigs crossed with the Cinta Senese ...

Day after day, many things have changed: the kitchen is professional, the wine cellar is taken care of by Nicola, sommelier Ais, the news and information are disseminated with the website; and so on.

The latest news is that, after years of bureaucratic knots, the stalls have been moved far from the restaurant. The goodness of the meat of our animals will remain in the dishes, the unpleasant smells will turn away.

In the summer of 2013, Mother Grazia left. It leaves us an inexhaustible love for our work, and for that piece of land that was worth little or nothing. If we think about how many things we've done in the past and how much we have left to do, we'll take a kind of vertigo ...

The most important feature of Gli Attortellati is to be a restaurant at zero meters: in fact, the restaurant is surrounded by our garden, where we daily collect vegetables and herbs that create the backbone of our appetizers and our side dishes. Looking out from the windows of the main room and the veranda you can see our pigs, the herd of goats and our chicken coop a few steps from which we draw all the meat that you will then taste in the main courses and sauces. The pig, among other things, constituting our main breeding, provides the meat also for the production of cured meats in the farm that you will taste in the dish, starter of entry of our menu. Park the car at the back in the distance you can see our orchard, composed of ancient varieties of fruit trees with which we produce fruit and jam for our desserts and for the appetizer.

The Attortellati, are managed by the Pepi brothers and father Carlo, the cook Massimiliano said Mamo, his deputy sister Cristina said Titta, the brother Simone said Mone responsible for the administrative part, the sister pastry Aurora said Au, the brother sommelier Nicola said Nico and in the hall the daughters of Massimiliano: Francesca, Angela and Chiara..

One of the characteristics that makes us unique is certainly that of making homemade pasta at sight! While you taste your appetizer, we prepare the first dishes in front of your eyes, which you will eat immediately afterwards.

Ours is not a restaurant like any other because we are a farm that does catering using the products of our land and our stables, respecting the natural rotation of the seasons and the company production.

We have many super enthusiastic customers and some dramatically disappointed (perhaps because they were looking for something else ...).

I will give you below ten good reasons not to come: if after reading them you will come, you will discover a way to interpret the kitchen at zero frank, genuine and Maremma!



If you do not like homemade sausages with pigs of ancient race, born and raised on the farm for two years, who ate only cereals, fruit, vegetables, chestnuts ..., slaughtered when they exceed two quintals of weight, processed by our Family according to the Tuscan norcine traditions, without the use of preservatives and dyes but only with salt and spices, and seasoned before being served as appetizers for a period that varies depending on the weight from 4 months to 1 year. you!


If you do not like appetizers full of freshly picked vegetables, pickles produced at the moment and served hot, vegetable pies and flans cooked in a wood oven, Gli Attortellati are not for you!


If you do not like home-made pasta in front of your eyes, the real Maremma tortello filled with a soft dough of fresh ricotta and wild chard and seasoned with a cooked sauce on the wood-burning stove, or the gnocchi of the shepherd or chestnuts freshly prepared using sheep's ricotta, parmesan and chestnut flour and seasoned with a marzuolo truffle and pepper sauce or with a cream of zucchini and mint, or the rustic pici with a fresh tomato and basil or an unmissable pappardella with a sauce of wild boar or roe The Attortellati are not for you!


Se non ti piacciono gli arrosti cotti nel forno a legna con la carne prodotta nella nostra fattoria, le cacciatore sobbollite sulla stufa a legna seguendo antiche ricette maremmane, il nostro coniglio ed il nostro pollo fritti in padella di ferro con olio extravergine di oliva o in umido con due ricette dal sapore antico e coinvolgente o il nostro capretto cotto in un infuso di erbe aromatiche o la braciata di rosticciana e filetto dei nostri maiali Gli Attortellati non fanno per voi!


If you do not like roasts cooked in a wood oven with the meat produced on our farm, the hunters simmered on the wood stove following ancient recipes of Maremma, our rabbit and our chicken fried in an iron pan with extra virgin olive oil or in wet with two recipes with an ancient and enthralling flavor or our kid cooked in an infusion of aromatic herbs or the brazzy of rosticciana and fillet of our pigs The Attortellati are not for you!


If you do not like eating in the garden of a real working farm surrounded by greenery just steps from the animals and our fields in a simple and genuine Attortellati are not for you!


If you do not like a family atmosphere and home warmed in winter by the fireplace and brazier, aired in summer by large windows overlooking the garden and the veranda, or tables set with tablecloths, cotton napkins and different dishes one from the other, making them unique just like at home, Gli Attortellati are not for you!


Se non ti piace che Nicola nostro fratello sommelier AIS vi consigli il vino più adatto al giusto abbinamento con le pietanze della serata scegliendolo tra le oltre 70 etichette delle principali doc toscane e non solo presenti in cantina, o in alternativa degustare il nostro ottimo vino sfuso prodotto da un’azienda locale nel comprensorio del morellino di Scansano, o se non volete farvi coinvolgere nel fine pasto da un’incredibile varietà di grappe e distillati di qualità o se il caffè servito con la moka in tavola non è di vostro gradimento Gli Attortellati non fanno per voi!


If you do not like a young and friendly staff to serve you with joy in a familiar and informal atmosphere or if you are not willing to wait for the right time because the preparations made at the moment are made in the kitchen ensuring freshly baked and cooked dishes or you are not willing for anything to spend € 28.00 excluding drinks and above all if you are not hungry Attacks are not for you!