Menu for Vegetarians and Celiacs

Vegetarian menu

If you are a vegetarian you can let us know when booking: we will prepare a personalized menu without meat.

In particular, if you are vegan, we advise you to warn us in time to give us the opportunity to cook a very different menu from the day.

Our organic vegetable garden produces most of the vegetables that we will then use in the preparation of appetizers and side dishes. We guarantee you always fresh and freshly picked seasonal vegetables, which is why the dishes will follow the seasonal trend and crop rotations. We de Gli Attortellati we are also a great vegetarian restaurant Grosseto, we prepare delicious appetizers, such as pies, fried vegetables and wild herbs, acacia and borage, made only in iron pan and with extra virgin olive oil, damsels, pickles, sweet and strong vegetables, rolls and flans ... In Spring we can not miss the artichokes and asparagus in our menus, in the summer aubergines and peppers, in autumn the yellow pumpkin and winter cabbage of all species, rapi and chicory.

The cost of the menu remains unchanged at Euro 30.00 excluding drinks and includes 4 starters, 2 first courses, 1 main course with side dish and dessert

Menu for celiacs

If you are celiac, you can ask us for a gluten-free menu when booking, we will be happy to accommodate you on any day of the week.

For years The Attortellati are sensitive to this food intolerance, specializing more and more in the preparation of gluten-free dishes, considering that we live at home this problem has been natural for us to attend the training course EMPLOYEES OF PRODUCTION AND ADMINISTRATION OF FOODS WITHOUT GLUTINE and associate our local AIC. Every week we update our gastronomic proposal enriching it both with baked goods and fresh pasta, including the legendary tortelli, which also thanks to the desserts use of gluten-free flour more and more suitable for the preparation of these dishes.

Our rigid self-control plan and our professionalism guarantee you the utmost seriousness and security.

The cost of the celiac menu remains unchanged at Euro 30.00 excluding drinks, and includes 4 starters, 2 starters, 1 second course and dessert.

Gli Attortellati we are also a great restaurant for vegetarians and celiacs in Grosseto.

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